Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Radio Trivia Answers December 9, 2008

This is the list of River Rewards answers mainly for WRVE 99.5 The River in Albany, NY....but the generic answers will work for other stations using the same trivia provider. Use this blog every day as your source to accumulate your points. Please note that the questions (and their corresponding answers) sometimes change during the day, particularly for Video of the Day and Celeb Travel trivia.

If you listen to a different radio station and would like to post the station-specific answers and codes, please use the comments section to do so.

Daily Trivia:

Simply type in the letters abc for:

Before They Were Famous
This Day in U.S. History
You Can Quote Me
Music Trivia
Videos On Demand (type in abcd)

Sleuth Trivia: ITCHY
Video of the Day Trivia: CRAZY DOGS (updated to HOW TO GIVE BABY MASSAGE)
Celeb Travel: SALVADOR DALI (updated to WORLDS SEXIEST BEACHES 2008)
Swarovski Crystal: INNSBRUCK
Kev's Word Scramble:

Listen & Win:

The River Morning Crew's Crankin' Car Tune: DECK THE HALLS
9:40 AM Password: LEMMY
River Anything Goes Lunch Hour: IT'S FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE
River Guilty Pleasure Song Of The Day:
Kevin's Mystery Song: BLACK WATER
First song of 8:00 80's: 1999

Don't forget to hit up all the Bonus Sites for even more points.

Today's 50,000 point winner: MBOBEK

Rock on.

http://toursource.blogspot.com for presale passwords

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  1. Does anyone know the answer code for this Boston radio? Thanks!

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